Do you need to keep track about days you spend in Nevada and California

Would you like to have an easy online tool, which would help you keep track days you spend in California vs. Nevada?

IncParadise Calendar


Residency calendar works for people who need to track how many days they spent in each location. You can set up your customized locations and categories. For example how much time you spend on business trips or vacations.

There is an option to do estimates and plan for the future. That way you see whole year estimate as nice graph.

If you want to try it please send us email or write in the comments.

Cola registration help (importing alcohol to U.S.A.)

Labels on wine or other alcohol bottles—which must be pre-approved by TTB—are an important source of information for consumers. Before you start importing alcohold to U.S.A. you need to get your label approved for each product you will be importing.

More informatin about Cola certification.

If you are looking for an assistance we can provide COLA certification. Contact

Help with getting wine import and wholesale license for sales in U.S.A.

If you are a foreign winery interested in selling U.S. market we can help.

The laws for selling wine in U.S. market are quite complicated. The wine import & export business is heavily regulated by federal government and each individual state.

For example you can check the following resources:

If you are looking for someone who can lead you through the whole process please contact us. We can help you obtain your own licenses or help you import your wine with minimum hassle.

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